Contoh soal bahasa inggris

1. Doni : What are you doing?
Fino: I was working the task. Can you help me?
Dino: _________. Why not?
a. Okay
b. No, I'm busy
c. Sure
d. That's okay
e. I'm sorry to hear that

2. Ani: he betrayed me. He left me it's really hurt.
veny: Oh, sorry to hear that
Ani;s expression indicates that she is ...
a. Expressing relief
b. Expressing pain
c. Expressing pleasure
d. Expressing happiness
e. Expressing sadness

3. The bacteria ____ the food stale.
a. Reasons                  d. Must need
b. Caused                   e. Requrments
c. Reach

4. The company ____ staff who master computer.
a. Mustneed                d. Shares
b. Shares                     e. Need
c. Caused

5. To be a scientist, mathematic mastery is a ____
a. Reasons                   d. Must need
b. Caused                    e. Requirements
c. Reach

6. A: Have you got the result of the final semester test?
B: Yeah, I've got it. And I got a good mark for math exam.
A: ____. You must be happy for that.
a. Great!                      d. It's okay
b. Terrific!                    e. Nice
c. Fantastic

7. The book I'm reading ____ maria.
a. belongs to                 d. comes from
b. owned                      e. derived from
c. has

8. What you harvest today _____ what did you did in the past.
a. depends on               d. derived from
b. belongs to                 e. appears
c. comes from

9. I love her
a. She is loved by me
b. She loves me
c. She is love by me
d. She loves by me
e. She love by me

10. The cat drinks some milk.
a. Some milk drink by cat
b. Some milk drink the cat
c. Some milk is drunk by the cat
d. Some milk is drunk the cat
e. Some milk is drink by cat

11. The girl opens the windows.
a. The windows is open by girl
b. The window opened by the girl
c. The window opened by girl
d. The window open by the girl
e. The window is opened by the girl

12. She is writing a letter.
a. A letter is writing by she
b. A letter is being written by her
c. A letter is written by her
d. A letter is been written by her
e. A letter is be writing by her

13. The boy is closing the door.
a. The door is close by the boy
b. The door is closed by boy
c. The door is being close by boy
d. The door is being close by the boy
e. The door being closeby boy

14. A song was sung by her.
a. She sang a song
b. She singin a song
c. She song a sang
d. She sang a sing
e. She sing a song

15. The lion was shot by the hunter.
a. the hunter shot lion
b. The hunter shot the lion
c. The hunter shot a lion
d. Hunter shot the lion
e. Hunter shot lion

16. Some milk was drunk by the dog.
a. Cat drink some milk
b. Cat drank milk
c. The cat drink milk
d. The cat drank milk
e. The cat drank some milk

17. The letters were typed by her.
a. She typed the letters
b. She typed the letter
c. She type the letters
d. She type the letter
e. She typed letters

18. Was the pig shot by the hunter?
a. Did the hunter shoot the pig?
b. Did the hunter shoot pig?
c. Did the hunter shoot the pig?
d. Did hunter shoot the pig?
e. Did hunter shoot pig?

19. A waiter is asking a guest about the food.
Waiter : Do you like the food we serve, sir?
Guest : Oh, the taste is great ____
a. I am very pleased with it
b. What a nuisance
c. I can't stand it
d. Fantastic
e. It;s unbelievable

20. Wahyu and Udin are sharing their opinion on a recent education issue.
Wahyu: Do you agree that education must be affordable for the poor?
Udin : Absolutely ____
a. I deny
b. A agree
c. I disagree
d. I try to do so
e. I don't care it

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