10 Microsoft Word Shortcut Editing Accelerate

Microsoft Word, you’re probably familiar with these words, especially for those of you who are often struggling with an office computer, the student or students. But even if you’re already familiar with these programs, you may not know, there are some easy tips you can use the program. Actually there are many shortcuts that word in the program, but this time we will discuss first 10 shortcuts! 10 keyboard shortcuts are: Ctrl + Shift +>
With three combinations pressed the button on the keyboard, the font size you want to change will increase.
Ctrl + Shift + <
Conversely, with three combinations of buttons pressed is the font size you want to change to a small increase.
Shift + F3
Combination Shift key and F3 key, allowing you to change the words that you type from that originally written with small letters all the prefix word uppercase or all of the words written in large letters, and vice versa.
Ctrl + Shift + k
With these three keys, in a short time you can change the words that you choose from the initially small letters into capital letters and vice versa.
Ctrl + Del
To delete the word in the the cursor to the right.
Ctrl + Backspace
The opposite of Ctrl + Del, the combination of Ctrl + Backspace key to delete the word used in the cursor to the left.
Ctrl + c
To copy the selected word.
Ctrl + v
To paste copied word already.
Ctrl +1 and Ctrl +2
Ctrl key combination Ctrl +1 and +2 lets you change the space of one (single spacing) to two (double spacing).
Shift + Alt + (arrow up or down)
By pressing the Alt + Shift + arrow up or down, you can quickly move the paragraph up or down (in accordance with the paragraph where the cursor is placed).

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