How to reduce risk of paypal account limited

Purpose of this post is to discuss on subjects, how to avoid our accounts get limited by paypal.
Users please come and post your experiences and help others. I have a few experiences on this and would share with you.

Please correct me if I' m wrong...

1- Never use a shared IP VPN or public proxy.

2- If you have more than one account, do not login to both with the same IP.

3- If paypal is not available in your country use secure VPN with dedicated IP.

4- Clear your browser' s cookies every time you log out.

5- Do not open, verify a new account and receive a big money right after verification.

6- Split incoming payments larger than $600 .

7- Do not send all money in your account after receiving funds.

8- Do not login to your account from multiple IP ranges...

9- Do not modify your account information too much.

10- Do not add/ remove CC to your account too much.

11- When you create a new paypal account, start with smaller amounts Then increase your amounts some days later... (Step )

12- If your vpn connection is so slow, you are in risk.

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