There are a lot of sub-fields of AI including Machine learning, Data mining, Computer vision, Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Genetic Programming and etc so I probably could not list all the books here but if I have to pick some of the most influential books

ai-programming : is a website dedicated to artificial intelligence, the main goal of the website is to help programmers and hobbyist learning to developpe chatbots. In order to accomplish that goal, we have:
Chatbot Tutorial available in many languages (C ++, C#, Java ... )
Source Code accompanying the tutorials A.I
Source Code in c++ available for download
Chatbot Codes directly accessible online
Blogs to leave comments on the website

AI Horizon: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Programming This site is designed to help you learn the basics of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence programming. We provide a smooth transition between learning a language to understanding what to do with it.

AI-junkie has it all. Genetic algorithm, neural networks, finite state machines and a lot more. The algorithms are explained clearly with good examples.

"Programming Game AI by Example" is a very good book for game AI containing both theory and practical examples and algorithms.
Check it out:
For some online resources you can check out:

Check these classes from Stanford University, Most of my friends and people are taking benefits from it.

Algorithms of the Intelligent Web, in Action,

Artificial Intelligence : The Modern Approach by Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig
This is a book that touches on a lot of topic on AI and machine learning. This is probably the closest to "Code Complete" of AI. Peter Norvig, one of the authoer, is now working at Google.

An awesome survey of all the important sections i.e learning, planning, problem solving techniques, including some philosophical implications are discussed in the AI:Modern Approach. The writing is very lucid ,the chapters are self-contained , you can select what you like and start hacking immediately. The site also has links to courses that used this book so you can get a lot of cool project ideas, assignments etc.

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